Doctor Who

+ DrawingZ +

Price in CAD
Payable via Paypal or in person :D


I'll only keep it Digital.

1 CGed bust: 10$
2 CGed bust: 20$
3 CGed bust: 25$
ex: °*Here*° °*Here*° °*Here

-Waist up-
1 CGed waist up: 15$
2 CGed waist up: 30$
3 CGed waist up: 40$
ex: °*Here*° °*Here*° °*Here*° °*Here

1 CGed knee up: 20$
2 CGed knee up: 40$
3 CGed knee up: 55$
ex: °*Here*° °*Here*° °*Here*° °*Here*° °*Here

If you want something more complex, complicated, just contact me.
We'll talk about it and arrange something : ).
Doctor Who

+ Feedback +

Hi everyone!

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Please, let me a link/place where I can leave you a feedback too.
I'll be happy to leave you a feedback as well : ).

Audrey aka Tsuyu

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